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Hot Water Extraction Machines – Carpet Cleaning Burnley

Carpet manufaturers recommend professional cleaning every 6 months to a year.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found hot water extraction to be the most effective method of cleaning carpets and upholstery. Hot water extraction machines spray hot solution on carpet and immediately extract it with a vacuum. These machines are able to flush the dirt out of the carpet and since most of the water is removed, the carpet will dry within 2 – 3 hours.

  1. Residential Machines

  • Home steam cleaners work well for spills and slightly dirty traffic areas but do not perform the deep cleaning necessary to comply with the warranty specifications of carpet manufacturers. Dupont–the maker of StainMaster carpet–recommends that you use residential steam cleaners for light soils only and requires customers to hire a professional cleaning service to clean carpets with a commercial hot water extractor every 12 months.

Professional Portable Machines

  • Professional portable machines use numerous motors, pumps and heat exchangers to extract hot water and cleaning solutions from your carpet. Some of the machines in this category require two electrical outlets to spread the power use through two different circuits to prevent overload. The extraction tanks on portable machines are not large enough for use in flood cleanup.

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