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After Tenancy Carpet Cleaner Burnley

If you are a landlord wanted carpets cleaned after tenants move out or it’s written into your tenancy agreement that you are responsible for getting the carpets cleaned look no further, please call for a no obligation quote.

Our customer today had been renting a house in burnley, she was all set to move to another area in burnley but needed to have the carpets professionally cleaned as requested by her landlord.

She searched google for carpet cleaners in burnley and found our website.

We turned up and were faced with a bit of a challenge as there had been pets and young adults, not a good combination for carpets. Still we set to work using our 5 * cleaning process and before long the carpets were looking and smelling as good and new.

So much so that the client commented back2new carpet cleaners of burnley were miricle workers and she was 100% confident about getting all her deposit back.

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